Uproot me!

One thing about religion that I’ve often both admired and envied is the sense of comfort and certainty it can offer, especially when feeling somewhat uprooted. Since turning into a nomad last week, I’ve actually enjoyed bouncing around between cities and visiting both new and familiar places.  I’ve also, however, cultivated a good amount of nostalgia for simpler days and perhaps naive notions of the idea of home.

Luckily we humans have many outlets for support and stability — family, friends, etc. This week, I turn to my Nebraskan roots. Funny how just knowing you’re from a place – that you have family there, that there is a history – gives it weight and meaning for you. I spent my first two years here and have returned at least once a year since. The Cornhusker in me still finds an enduring comfort and certainty in coming back to this place (both physically and via old photos).

On our trip last fall, we ventured out on several walks and then to a prairie restoration site.

Of course, being uprooted brings its shares of joys, adventures and experiences. More on that to come!

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