Image of the Week: Saint Basil’s Cathedral

I’ve been getting more curious about the structure/design of religious spaces lately. A couple weeks ago my friend Martha reminded me about some of the incredibly crazy/awesome architecture on display in the land of our comrades. Below is Saint Basil’s Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox Church built in Moscow in the mid 1500’s. It was built under the orders of Ivan the Terrible who, according to legend, had the architect’s eyes removed so that he wouldn’t build anything to rival it. Yowch.

It apparently had very little architectural precedent, design-wise — “St. Basil’s is essentially a union of nine different churches and styles, and nine different chapels, beneath nine domes, each unique in size, form, and color.

It’s stunning. I couldn’t find much about what the design is supposed to symbolize. But I do think more structures should allow for this kind of creativity. Especially religious structures.

This is Basil the Great, Patron Saint of hospital administrators:

Not sure he would approve.

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