Catching up…

Hello Friends! So, last semester was a smidge tumultuous and blogging/visiting religious communities, etc totally fell by the wayside. This post is going to be a brief catch-up – photo montage style! – to jump-start a re-entry into the blogosphere. Enjoy!


Church Series photographs…to be continued!



Christian Science Center, Massachusetts Avenue, Boston.


McFarlin Methodist Church, Norman OK


First Christian Church, Walker Ave, OKC


First Presbyterian, at 25th and Western, OKC


Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston





Secondly, a much belated post on celebrating Passover last year with my aunt, uncle, and cousins on the Scudder side of the fam in Concord, N.H. A beautiful night. Wonderful company. Delicious Food.



My grandmother- Bubby – was from a Jewish family and my grandfather, Poppy, converted to Judaism when they married. While my mother was no longer actively practicing when my brother and I were growing up, much of my extended family continues to be very involved in the Jewish community. My cousin, Rachel, gave me a refresher course on the symbolism of the foods we ate.

Shank bone: Symbolizes the lamb sacrifice — used to smear blood on the doorways so that death knew to pass over the homes of the Jews during the 10th plague in Egypt when the firstborn were taken

Hard-boiled egg: Represents mourning

Horseradish: Bitterness and harshness of slavery

Bitter herb dipped in salt water: Symbolizes tears

Charoset: Symbolizes bricks and mortar, used to build the pyramids

Other green: New life







Folk music has a prominent place in the Scudder family, going back many years. My cousins are carrying on the tradition with their band, Omaha Folk (check them out here, they’re awesome). I got to sit in on a rehearsal after dinner. This kind of music will always make me feel like home. An evening of religious symbolism, family tradition, and great music…a remedy for just about anything.


Jake on the guitar.



Emma on the Xylophone.


Saul Bellow as Muse.


Til next time.




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