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Here are some articles and links from the religious news cycle last week that I found to be interesting, informative, and fun! Check them out!

If, like me, you enjoy zombie flicks but are occasionally troubled by the fact that you do, read this Religion Dispatches article:
“Walking Dead and Zombie Ethics, or, Don’t Fight the Zombies, you Can’t Win”

An interesting piece on the status of women in Mormonism:
“Mormon Women Knock at the Door, Are Turned Away”

Take this quiz on religious symbols!

If you enjoy religious spaces and architecture:
“Best Modern Churches Awards Find Stunning Examples of Sacred Architecture”

The Pew Forum’s recent report on American Jews:

Lastly, a sophisticated and thoughtful review of an art exhibit in DC featuring Byzantine icons “Social Media: The Spiritual Version” — you should go if you’re in the area!

“Icons weren’t just objects, nor were they art, as we understand the term. They were living, interactive entities wired into the world. In a way, they functioned as a spiritual version of social media, connecting and channeling energies among scattered, friendly and largely invisible parties, earthly and celestial.”

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  • Reply November 9, 2013


    I finally had a chance to read all of these–very interesting! I got a 70% on the quiz–Apparently I need to research Jainism and Zoroastrianism! Also, a question for you: would you consider yourself culturally Jewish? How would you respond to the questions about what it means to be Jewish? You don’t have to answer here–just food for thought.

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