How to Practice Vicariously in Chiang Mai


I’m excited to post some awesome travel photos from my talented friend Lexi’s trip to Thailand. Lexi and I get the same nerdy thrill from visiting different houses of worship and participating in or observing all manners of religious custom, practice, and experience (we’re like 5 year olds at a birthday party with a Bounce House). It’s especially fascinating to practice vicariously in a new cultural context, which is exactly what Lexi got to experience and capture in Thailand. Here’s her brief description about her time in Chiang Mai:

“These images are from Sacred Heart Cathedral in Chiang Mai, Thailand (in the north). The neat part about it was the way that Catholic and Thai culture was weaved into the design and artwork. You’ll notice the elephants on the doorways. The component that I found the most charming was the way that parishioners offered each other the sign of peace during Mass: unlike in the States, where people shake hands, in Thailand church-goers offer each other the sign of peace using the traditional Thailand greeting of the “wai,” or a slight bow while putting your hands together at your heart. What was cool about it was that it allowed us to offer the sign of peace to people all over the church, rather than right near our seats.”























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