Tending the Vine: Seeking God in the Woods

I was delighted to have a reflection I wrote published in the EcoTheo Review this week!

Since, of-late, I’ve mostly been bugging other people to publicly share their vulnerable, personal experiences with faith, it was high-time to do some soul-sharing of my own. And it was indeed a welcome – and needed – opportunity to sit down and wrestle my latest thoughts on my relationship to religion into a more coherent structure (as opposed to how those thoughts generally exist in my brain which is akin to “…..wait….WHAT!…”)

One of my very first posts on this blog was about finding the divine in nature. I wrote, “even the least religiously inclined among us would likely feel a little tug at their soul among the Sassafras and Tupela trees in Squam Swamp.” I guess I was onto something.

You can read my latest reflections on the ETR siteĀ here. Enjoy!








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